AVU Custom 5.1 Home Theater Packages

Home Theater Packages: Elevate Your Movie Nights with Audio Video Unlimited

Welcome to Audio Video Unlimited, your destination for an unparalleled home cinema experience! We specialize in transforming your movie nights into an immersive, cinematic adventure. Our diverse range of home theater packages caters to every taste and space, whether you’re outfitting a cozy nook or a grand cinema room. Starting with a 5.1 system, each package is meticulously assembled, featuring a 7.2 receiver for future upgrades. At Audio Video Unlimited, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suit everyone’s unique home cinema needs. That’s why our home theater packages are designed with foresight and adaptability in mind, setting us apart from cookie-cutter systems offered by competitors. Our starting point is a versatile 5.1 system, accompanied by a 7.2 receiver, providing a foundation for future expansion. Whether you want to add height effects, an additional subwoofer, or customize your setup, our systems are built to grow and evolve with your preferences, ensuring a truly personalized cinematic experience in your home.

klipsch home theatre system

Pioneer Elite Receiver | Klipsch Speakers | 5.1 Ch Home Theatre System (AVU-HTP-2)

The Pioneer Receiver and Klipsch Speakers 5.1 Ch Home Theatre System (AVU-HTP-2) offers a well-rounded, immersive audio experience, suitable for any home theater setup. This system includes a Pioneer VSXLX105 A/V receiver, dual sets of Klipsch R50M speakers for front and rear channels, a Klipsch R30C center channel speaker for clear dialogue, and a Klipsch R101SW subwoofer for deep bass. The package is future-proof with a 7.2 channel receiver, allowing for expansion to a more comprehensive system. It’s designed to provide a cohesive audio experience, perfect for enhancing movies, music, and gaming

Anthem Receiver | Paradigm Speakers | 5.1 Ch Home Theatre System (AVU-HTP-3)

The Anthem Receiver and Paradigm Speakers 5.1 Ch Home Theatre System (AVU-HTP-3) combines a powerful Anthem A/V receiver with high-quality Paradigm speakers for an immersive audio experience. Ideal for both movies and music, it features floor-standing and bookshelf speakers, a center channel for clear dialogue, and a deep-bass subwoofer. The system is future-proof, offering the potential to expand to a 7.2 setup, making it a perfect choice for audio enthusiasts looking for a sophisticated and high-performing home theater solution.

Onkyo Receiver | Kanto Speakers | 5.1 Ch Home Theatre System (AVU-HTP-1)

The Onkyo Receiver and Kanto Speakers 5.1 Ch Home Theatre System (AVU-HTP-1) is an excellent audio solution for both small and large rooms. Featuring an Onkyo 7.2-Ch Network A/V Receiver and various Kanto speakers including bookshelf and powered subwoofer, it delivers clear, immersive sound. This versatile system is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their home theater experience, whether for movies, gaming, or music, offering a balance of quality, affordability, and the potential for expansion.

Audio Video Unlimited’s Premier Home Theater Selections

  1. Pioneer Elite Receiver with Klipsch Reference Speakers: Step up to a more powerful cinema experience with this combination. The Pioneer Elite receiver is known for its exceptional audio quality and versatility, and when paired with the Klipsch Reference speakers, it delivers a dynamic and immersive sound that’s perfect for family movie nights and enthusiast gatherings alike.
  2. Anthem Receiver with Paradigm Premier Speakers: For the ultimate in-home theater, this package is unmatched. The Anthem receiver, renowned for its outstanding sound fidelity, pairs seamlessly with the Paradigm Premier speakers to produce an audio-visual experience that rivals professional cinemas. It’s the perfect choice for the discerning cinephile seeking a premium home movie experience.
  3. Onkyo Receiver and Kanto Speakers: This 5.1 Ch Home Theatre System combines the Onkyo 7.2-Ch A/V Receiver with Kanto’s compact bookshelf speakers, a center channel speaker stand, and a powerful subwoofer. This affordable system is perfect for entry-level users, offering high-quality, expandable audio ideal for movies, games, and music

Why Choose Audio Video Unlimited Home Theater Systems?

  • Cinematic Quality: Our systems boast immersive sound, transforming your movie nights into a cinematic adventure.
  • Tailored to Your Space: Every room is unique, and our experts are here to help you select the perfect system for your specific environment.
  • Easy Setup & Support: Our team ensures a hassle-free setup and offers ongoing support, making your transition to superior home cinema as smooth as possible.

Experience the Magic of Movies at Home There’s a special allure to watching a movie in a theater, and our home theater packages are designed to capture that magic in your own home. From the latest blockbusters to timeless classics, experience them like never before with Audio Video Unlimited.

Custom Packages and Expert Advice If you’re looking for something specific or have questions about our products, our knowledgeable team is here to assist. We’re committed to helping you build the perfect home theater system to meet your individual needs and preferences.

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Upgrade your 5.1 surround sound system with our Peace of Mind package, featuring a five-year comprehensive warranty and professional installation. This exceptional offer ensures not only long-term reliability but also the highest quality of setup. Our expert technicians will manage everything from efficient wire measurement and cutting, charging only for what you need, to precise system configuration for superior audio performance. Moreover, the package includes the convenience of eco-friendly disposal and recycling of your old unit. Choose our Peace of Mind package for an impeccably installed 5.1 surround sound system, backed by a five-year warranty and our commitment to outstanding service.

Please be aware that installation supplies and wire are not included in the Peace of Mind package price and will be charged separately.
Disclaimer: The pricing for the Peace of Mind package already includes VIP membership benefits. This special rate adjustment ensures that customers receive both our premium service offerings and the value of VIP membership when they choose this comprehensive upgrade for their 5.1 surround sound system.